20-24 February 2013
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The third day
of the World Cup track cycling

23 Feb 2013

Women. Scratch.

Champion and world record holder the famous Sarah Hammer was 17th in the scratch race. This fact speaks of the unpredictability of the race. Out of the first ten places stayed the titled Italian Brontsini Georgia.

However, to say that there is absolutely no system and medals are won only by those who are lucky enough, is also wrong. Proof of this fact is 23-year-old Katarzyna Pawlowska, who won the scratch a year ago at the championship in Melbourne, and now repeated the success in Minsk. It’s necessary to feel this race. And Katarzyna shows an example. And besides, she's just a very strong and versatile racer.

The Mexican Sofia Areola and Russian Yevgeniya Romanuta were trying to reach the athlete from Poland and eventually got silver and bronze medals.

Men’s Omnium. 40 km.

Incredibly close contest was in the longest race. Just one point split the gold and silver medalists. Five riders managed to break away on the circle, and they finally played the coin - to chagrin of Austrian sportsman Andreas Graf and sportsman from the Netherlands Henning Bommel, who looked better during the finishes.

The fight was so hard that everything was resolved in the final finish. Briton Simon Yates came third, gaining two points, thus became the champion. Spaniard Eloy Teruel didn’t gain the points and was satisfied with silver. Russian Kirill Sveshnikov scored equal points with Czech Milan Kadlec. But again he was better at last finish and therefore got the bronze.

Men’s Keirin.

Olympic champion Jason Kenny was lucky. In the semifinals, he was only fourth and did not have to get a pass to the final. However, the judges disqualified the winner of the race Francois Pervis, so Kenny moved up one position and gained a place in the final.

But already in the decisive race Kenny showed his class and tactical skills. Briton followed the wheel of Maximilian Levy, that allowed him to get gold finish. Like in the Olympics Games Levi was second again. The third was a young Dutchman Matthijs Büchli.


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